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Grand Tour & Banteay Srei 1Day Tour

Tour Summary

Discovering the most popular temple tour – the Grand Circuit of Angkor Wat and Banteay Srei Temple. You will get a great memorable experience in life as you travel along with us.

Tour Itinerary

Preah Khan, Neak Pean, Banteay Samre, Ta Som, East Mebon, Pre Rup, and Old Market

Tour Duration

1 day

Tour Start Time


Pick Up Location

From your hotel

Tour Prices

English Speaking Guide = 45$

Tuk Tuk = $30 (1-3 pax)

Car = $55 (1 – 4 pax)

Van = $65 (1 – 8 pax)

Tour Description


Preah Khan

We will then continue to Preah Khan or the “Royal Sword” temple which is located in the grand circuit out of Angkor Wat. It was built by king Jayavarman VII who dedicated this temple to his father. It is a temple hidden with mysteries waiting for people to discover.

Neak Pean

Not far away from Preah Khan, we’ll go to visit Neak Pean, built to dedicate to Buddha. This temple once was used to be a medical centre. It is an island temple surrounded by the moat represent as Mt Meru. Neak Pean is right at the centre of Preah Khan’s Baray.

Banteay Samre

Banteay Samre was built by king Suryavarman II in the early 12th century as a Hindu temple. It uses the same materials as Banteay Srei, and it is still in good looking until today.

Ta Som

Ta Som was a Buddhist temple contructed in the late 12th century by king Jayavarman VII. It is situated to the east of Neak Pean temple. A huge tree completely covers the eastern Gopora, making an artistic feature which provides one of the most attractive photo opportunities in the Angkor site.

East Mebon

Standing in the middle of now dry East Baray, East Mebon is a stunning architecture constructed by king Rajendravarman in 10th century. It is a five-tower temple built from bricks to dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva and to honor the king’s parents.

Pre Rup

Pre Rup is a Hindu temple, built as a state temple during the reign of king Rajendravarman II. It is located about 1km south of East Mebon. It is a pyramid-shaped temple which has three tiers and five lotus towers on the top. Pre Rup means “Turning the Body” because it was once believed that this temple was served for the royal funeral. It is also a popular spot for sunset at Angkor area, as the view of the surrounding rice fields of the East Baray is so brilliant that should not be missed.

Banteay Srei

Banteay Srei means “The Citadel of Women” and it is considered as the precious gem of Angkor because of its fine arts and architecture. It is a 10th-century temple dedicated to the Hindu gods, and the only temple that wasn’t built by a king. Pink sandstones were chosen to construct this temple which make it look gorgeous compared to other temples. Most parts of the temple are still in good condition.

Old Market

After finishing the tour, we will come back to hotel or go to Old Market as requested. The market is located near the popular Pub Street. It has many things such as vegetables, meat, fish, fruits, clothes, souvenirs, etc.

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Tour Notes

Guests need to follow the dress code rules when visiting the temples.
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